Historic Brew Con - Manchester

5th & 6th August - 2024

Johnny Horn

Johnny Horn is a brewer and recovering archaeologist based in Dundee, Scotland. Previously specialising in the archaeology of Iron Age Britain he has published papers on drinking vessels of the period. More recently as a co-founder of Holy Goat Brewing, he specialises in experimental mixed fermentation brewing styles, alongside occasionally subjecting the beer drinking world to his interpretation of 19th century stouts, porters and other more novel beer styles.

Beer and brewing in prehistoric Britain - What we know

In this talk we will examine the archaeological, historical and ethnographic evidence for beer and brewing in prehistoric Britain.

This will focus in particular on the evidence for malt based fermented beverages, the drinking vessels they were consumed from and potential evidence for brewing sites, equipment and storage. An examination of the cultural implications in the production and consumption of fermented beverages will also be given, focusing on work undertaken by the author on prehistoric drinking vessels.