Historic Brew Con - Manchester

5th & 6th August - 2024

Douglas Hoverson

Doug Hoverson is an historian of beer and brewing based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He has written many articles about brewing and beer culture as well as two major books: The Land of Amber Waters: The History of Beer and Brewing in Minnesota (2007) and The Drink that Made Wisconsin Famous: Beer and Brewing in the Badger State (2019). 

He is working on similar volumes for the breweries of Michigan and Iowa

Our Lager Pleases their Tastes: Beer at International Expositions 1869-1900

The international expositions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries celebrated the agricultural and industrial might of nations. Visitors anticipated seeing the newest marvels of the age, but also needed refreshment. The brewing industry satisfied both desires by creating lavish displays touting their technical prowess and by providing beer for thirsty patrons at elaborate restaurants and beer stands. Industry groups scheduled conferences to coincide with the expositions, but the breweries were generally more interested in awards and markets than science and technology, which was transferred more effectively by other means. 

Breweries outside of Europe used accolades earned at competitions to prove their quality was every bit as good as breweries of the Old World. 

This presentation will focus on the marketing of beer and brewing technology at World’s Fairs and how experiences at the expositions were used to market beer in America.