Historic Brew Con - Manchester

5th & 6th August - 2024

James Sandford

James has been brewing beer for 7 years. By day, he is a Project Engineer in the R&D division of a broadcast media organisation. By night he experiments with overly complicated brewing equipment and obscure brewing techniques. 

He has been featured on the Basic Brewing podcast and Daft Cat Brewing’s Learn to Judge Beer podcast.

Wood - the missing ingredient

Over the past 5 years, James has taken a keen interest in the role of wood in beer. Brewing modern recipes and re-creating historic recipes that pre-date stainless steel packaging. In this session, James will talk about the importance of considering the role of wood when recreating historic beers. He will talk about the impact on flavour, colour, and mouth feel. He will discuss up-to-date research on the mechanisms by which wood interacts with beer. And he will discuss the practical aspects of using and maintaining wood casks. Common misconceptions will be busted!